Electrical Engineer/Oil n Gas/Kuwait


Chronos Consulting’s (www.chronosconsulting.com) client seeks an Electrical Engineer

As a successful candidate you should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

You must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in gas industry.

You must have full understanding of all electrical drawings.

You must have experience in evaluating major electrical design package and come up with high level of engineering comments to ensure that design will meet the international standards.

You must have experience in the operation and troubleshooting of Emergency Diesel generators.

You must have experience in pre-commissioning, commissioning of offshore electrical installations.

You should be capable in installation, operation and maintenance of onshore/offshore Electrical equipment, including; (Switchgears, Switch Racks, Power Panels, 13.8kV-480V Transformers, Navigation Light System, MV and HV equipment, UPS & Battery Charger systems, Splice Cases, Circuit Breaker Cubicles, MCC, Heat Tracing Systems, Submarine cables, Electrical Control systems, including frequency inverters, PLC, HV and LV motors and relevant control/ protection systems.

You must be familiar with the following:

Troubleshooting STATCOM, Individual Power Units “IPU”, controllers, STATCOM/SCADA interface and STATCOM transformer.

STATCOM operation in the Qref mode, Vref Mode, and transfer from Qref to Vref & Vref to Qref.

STATCOM theory and analysis of the STATCOM V-I characteristics and curve.

Replacement of STATCOM IPU, STATCOM control cards and configuration of the STATCOM controller.

Duties & Responsibilities:

You are expected to be able to perform the following:

Work closely with operations and maintenance teams to identify and resolve the technical issues for safe and reliable operation of the facilities.

Prepare procedures for all operations and maintenance activities.

Monitor the parameters of the electrical and instrumentation systems on a regular basis and work with Operations and Maintenance Team to resolve any abnormalities.

Propose and implement design modifications to improve the safety, reliability and operational flexibility of the facilities.

Incorporate process safety and risk management principles into all works performed.

Maintain technical expertise in codes, procedures and technology through individual effort and ongoing training.

cvs to engineers@chronosconsulting.com

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